How it began.


Sonoglyphs started as a self-initiated project by me, Cody Cai as an experiment to visualize sound through language.

Due to my high interest in graphic design, sound visualization, and iconography, my research lead me to the pictographic forms inspired by East Asian logograms. I wanted to create a language for sound that was aesthetically interesting. But it needed to feel foreign to our civilization, foreign to our technology, and foreign to everything our mind knows. These beautiful ornamental glyphs are unreadable to most, but my thought was to completely abstract and design brand new characters representating a visual language for sound. Personally, sound has had a lot of impact on my life as it has enriched some of the most benign scenes of my day-to-day life. Through the creation of Sonoglyphs, I hope to share my interpretation of sound and challenge the literary limitations of the written language.

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Design, Website, & Concept by Cody Cai
Sound Mentoring by Professor Michael Gurevich, Ph.D.
Visual Mentoring by Professor Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo​​​​​
Sound Design by Eric Tang